Jovi Kessler

Strona Główna / Jovi Kessler

About me

A Renaissance woman, free spirit, and unconventional person. Humanist with a passion for both new technologies and traditional craftsmanship alike. In pursuit of new challenges I avoid strictly mainstream solutions, I am not afraid to go beyond traditional schemes and traditional roles.

Why would you trust me?

I think the devil really is in the details. Years of experience as a copywriter, proofreader and interpreter have cursed me with an almost obsessive ability to spot errors in all encountered texts. Numerous and diversified professional experiences have developed my understanding of the specificity of work on several career stages, both as a freelancer and a full-time employee.

What distinguishes me?

I firmly believe – after Aristotle – that there has never been a genius without a touch of madness. I celebrate Professor Zimbardo’s Deviant Day. I agree with the inventor of the above-mentioned day, that in order to take full advantage of our potential, we must allow ourselves to develop some nonconformist behaviors, and that being a bit weird is one of the seven steps to a meaningful life.

My cooperation and project

I am involved in numerous nonprofit activities, working with a range of non-governmental organizations and private initiatives. I opt for decisive actions in the area of social responsibility, encouraging both business leaders and private individuals to contribute to the society. Among numerous experiences in this field, I particularly value Youth in Action projects within an EU youth program, in which I took part both as a participant and project coordinator.

My methodology

I work with people and for people. I believe in continuous development and self-education through all available methods, without being restricted to formal education alone. I incorporate experiences from side projects into long-term actions, benefitting of their full potential. I believe that one should not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.


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